About OneSmartLightTM

LIGHTER AND SMALLER: OneSmartLightTM indicators are less than one third the weight and size of a typical three-section signal head. Lighter and smaller heads require smaller poles and support systems which require smaller foundations.

COST EFFECTIVE: Due to the size and weight of OneSmartLightTM indications, the cumulative savings could exceed 50% of the cost of steel and concrete making it possible for more agencies to comply with new MUTCD standards. Traffic engineers can add multiple indications to a mast arm, making intersections safer for drivers and pedestrians. Each color has its own power supply mounted on the back of the unit for easy removal and replacement.

SAFER: The weight and size of existing signal indications are major factors in worker injuries. The smaller size and lighter weight of OneSmartLightTM indications make them a safer alternative for technicians. One service technician can easily install or replace units requiring less traffic control. In addition, the red light is 22% larger than existing indications making it more visible and safer for drivers.